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" ACID PROOF TILES, ACID PROOF BRICKS, ACID PROOF CEMENT - MORTARS, www.acidproof.com, www.acidproofbricks.com, Kothari Corrosion Controllers, India".
a Services :

We undertake Turnkey Jobs across the world for complete :
ACID & ALKALI PROOF => Flooring, Lining & Coating works into your :

Effluent Treatment Plant
Reaction Vessel
Neutralize Tank
Storage Vessel
Battery Charging room
Collection Tank / Pit
Process Floor area
Drainage System
Acid Storage yard
Pickling Tanks
Phosphating Tanks
Electroplating Floor
Anodizing Floor
Common ETP
Waste Water Tanks

Acid Proof Tiles
Acid Proof Bricks
Acid Proof Tiles work
Acid Proof Tiles
Acid Proof Bricks
Acid Proof Tiles Work

We undertake Trunkey Projects for complete

Brick Lining
Epoxy Lining
Tiles Lining
Tile Lining
Epoxy Coating
PP/PVC Lining
Mandana Stone Flooring
Epoxy Grouting
Anti - Corrosive Coating
Mastic Flooring
Epoxy Flooring
Rubber Lining / FRP Lining
Carbon & Graphite Tile Lining
Refractory Lining
S.W. Pipe Jointing

Amongs the following Industrial Plants across the Globe :

Dyes Intermediates
Bulk Drugs
Process House
Air Craft & Component Plant
Dairy & Foods
Steel and Galvanized
Starch Plant
Zinc Smelters
Dying Plant
Power Plants
Electro Plating Plant
Food & Beverages plants
Metal Plants

Special Treatments :

Epoxy bond coat to bond old concrete to new concrete
Epoxy bolt grouting for heavy compressor foundations
Abrasion Resistant Epoxy Coating



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